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The Skynet brand was founded in 2003, with a Franco-Swiss company Videologic SA located in Geneva more than 20 years of IT experience, then gave birth to the company Sky Asia Network Co., Ltd. Specialized in IT consulting founded in 2020 in Cambodia with all the know-how of Switzerland-France has been able to adapt to all the revolutions that have shaken the world of IT since its creation.

Our small, competent team allows us to be extremely responsive, flexible and close to our customers. It is this uniqueness that makes the difference and the reason why many of them have trusted us for many years.The convergence of computer science, for a future intelligence at the service of humanity.

Websites in professional use templating systems. Commercial publishing platforms and content management systems ensure that you can show.

Chamreun Rath

Sale Director

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We prioritize communication with our customers. Our goals are to build a long-term relationship of trust with our customers in order to tailor our services and rates to their specific demands.

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Our Microsoft distributor license attests to our skills and professionalism.


We are a dynamic, responsive team, with diverse and varied profiles, allowing us to best meet the needs of our customers.


An effective way to protect the client's rights and achieve maximum results


We have introduced better business management standards.







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Thyk Nong

Founder & CEO

Chamreun Rath

Founder & CEO

Najduch Gwenaelle

Director Marketing & COO

Nark Saroeurb

Director Sale & HR

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